About me

My Story

My name is Eunice, I am the designer of Daminice Jewellery. I have a degree in Nursing, I live in Surrey with my family and currently practice as Health Adviser.

My jewellery journey started as a hobby which steamed up from my addiction and search for bold, unique, colourful and beautiful pieces of jewellery. I taught myself how to make simple bead jewellery for myself, family and friends.

In 2018, I went to the Bead Show to get inspiration and improve my skill. There I met talented jewellers and one of them (Oongha) changed my life by introducing me to wire wrapping and weaving. In 2019, I was among the Best Dressed Beaders in the Bead Show and appeared in the Bead & Jewellery Magazine, Issue 100 (Feb/March 2020).

This was the turning point for me to see beading as a business instead of a hobby. I have taken courses online, used DVDs and books to help in my journey.

I enjoy using a variety of jewellery mediums which I still incorporate into my some of pieces, but my passion is wire work due to its endless possibilities and uniqueness. Apart from wire, I love working with natural materials like gemstones, wood, freshwater pearls and shells beads due to their durability and sustainability for the environment.

My design style is to produce unique pieces, using wire wrapping/wave techniques to produce jewellery that is Elegant, Bold, Versatile, Wearable and fits in with your daily life.

I hope you will enjoy wearing my pieces.

Eunice  xx